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Subdivision cmte to inspect proposed memorial park expansion in Balulang

The City Council Committee on Subdivision and Landed Estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas is set to conduct an ocular inspection of the proposed expansion of a memorial park located in Barangay Balulang.

This was agreed upon during the committee meeting yesterday attended by the concerned offices of the city government. The Pryce Corporation (developer) applied for a development permit for Pryce Gardens – Cagayan de Oro’s proposed expansion project of the memorial park which covers an area of 24,464 square meters, containing 96 family estate lots.

During the meeting, Councilor Cabanlas manifested that the City Housing Board, City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD), and the City Engineer’s Office endorse the application to the committee. The committee set the inspection on August 16, 2023 at 9:00 AM to determine the actual area of the proposed project.


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