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SP commends artist “Nonoy” Estarte

THE 20th City Council, in its regular session Monday, adopted a resolution expressing posthumous appreciation and commendation to Pannessencio “Nonoy” Capol Estarte for his invaluable contribution in nurturing consciousness and appreciation to the history of Cagayan de Oro City and of Kagay-anon.

Nonoy Estarte, as he was most popularly and fondly known, was born in 1950. He was a self-taught artist originally from Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

Mr. Pannessencio “Nonoy” Capol Estarte

In 1977, the late Fr. Francisco Demetrio, S.J. took Estarte under his wing as a resident artist of the Xavier University Museum for 30 years.

During his active years, Estarte created the Oro Art Guild and helped organize the Xavier University Student Art Organization called Circulo de Arte, a student organization in XU that conducted art exhibits and workshops aimed at spreading awareness and appreciation to the community and to nurturing the interest of potential artists among young children.

He was also instrumental in the creation of several developmental programs among artists in the city, such as the Local Historical Sources of Northern Mindanao, Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs, Myths and Symbols, folktales and more, which tell stories about the city’s history and glimpses of the Philippines and Mindanao Culture, breathing life to the written narratives on spiritual beliefs, customs, practices, expressions, titillating the awareness and appreciation of the general public, and inspiring the young generation of artists.

His worthwhile contribution to the community is commendable thus deserves recognition from the city government of Cagayan de Oro.

The legislation was sponsored by the Committee on Tourism by Councilor Jay Pascual and Committee of Laws and Rules by Councilor Edgar Cabanlas. 

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Feb 08

finally, the much awaited an alum, my hat's off to you Sir Nonoy🫡.. congratulations 👍🏻

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