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The Committee on Tourism studies, investigates and reports on all matters involving the promotion of the arts and cultural affairs; the enhancement, promotion, and development of tourism and beautification; initiate, conducts, and promotes studies and/or research pertinent to facts and events affecting legislation as well as look for possible avenues and sources for the establishment of a city government building that would house important works of art, historical and scientific objects depicting the life, culture, and tradition of the people of Cagayan de Oro City. It may, in consultation with the Philippines Historical Commission, change the name of the city and barangays, upon the recommendation of the barangay concerned, city roads, avenues, boulevards, thoroughfares, bridges, public elementary, secondary and vocational or technical schools, community colleges and non-chartered colleges, city hospitals, health centers, and other health facilities and other historical landmarks, public places, or building owned by the City Government.

Committee Members

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