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Proposed Original Kagay-an Music Ordinance up for review

The City Council committee on tourism, chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual, is set to tackle the proposed ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance on Cagayan de Oro Original Music or the Original Kagay-an Music (OKM) Appreciation Promotion and Broadcasting Initiative and Airplay Support for Cultural Diversity Enhancement of Homegrown Talents Empowering Local Artists and Music Heritage Preservation.”

Authored by City Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez, the ordinance seeks to preserve and showcase the unique musical compositions of local artists, contributing to the enrichment of Cagayan de Oro City’s cultural identity.

Moreover, in adherence to RA 11904, also known as the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, the proposed ordinance also aims to empower homegrown talents and foster the growth of the local music industry.

By providing airplay support, broadcasting initiatives, and promotional opportunities for OKM, the City endeavors to enhance cultural diversity, stimulate artistic expression, and create an enabling environment for local artists to thrive.

It likewise recognizes the delicate balance between preserving music heritage and respecting artistic freedom and individual choice, acknowledging the richness and diversity of musical genres within the local music landscape.

The proposed ordinance will be applicable within the territorial jurisdiction and geographical scope of the city. It will also extend to other relevant parties involved in the production, distribution, and promotion of music, including local artists, music industry stakeholders, event organizers, and community organizations, The Gavel learned.


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