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On grant of incentives to taxpayers: Laudable but needs careful evaluation - Nacaya

EVEN if the proposal to grant incentives to taxpayers is laudable and has a direction, there are also possible downsides to it which may counter the future collection strategy of the city government.

This was pointed by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya in reaction to the special report of Councilor Lordan G. Suan during Monday’s regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy.

Nacaya said the city council, as a policy-maker, must know its stand on collection and surcharges. It should not only consider its worse effect at this time of pandemic but also for future collection efforts of the city.

“We have to evaluate and see the light of all the angles for those so that we will not be negated from our act as the government collecting regulatory imposed fees and charges.

Otherwise, we might not be able to collect in the future the right figures and amounts for the people of Cagayan de Oro,” explained the councilor.

Instead of deciding immediately, it is more appropriate for the city council to gather accurate comments first from different financial planning bodies of the local government, he cited.

“Maybe we get some comments from the Local Finance Committee, city assessor, city treasurer, budget officer and even the city mayor because they know best the strategic position of the financial activities of the city,” Nacaya further pointed out.

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