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Moreno urges firm action from COWD to resolve Oro’s water woes

“ONLY the water district can solve this issue”.

Thus, emphasized by Councilor Imee Moreno during the 6th Special Session of the 20th City Council as they address the water supply issue faced by the city.

Councilor Moreno underscored the importance of Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) taking a firm stance and doing what is right for the residents of the city.

CDO City Councilor Imee Rose P. Moreno

She expressed concern over the apparent lack of effort from COWD in resolving their disputes with the Cagayan Oro Bulk Water, Inc. (COBI), as evidenced by the non-appearance of COWD's board of directors in meetings called by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the governing agency tasked with mediating such issues.

Highlighting the existing debt owed by COWD to COBI, Moreno urged the water district to honor their contractual obligations, emphasizing that paying the debt owed to COBI is critical to resolving the issue at hand. She stressed that any grievances or disputes raised by the COWD should be channeled through proper legal channels, rather than jeopardizing the well-being of Kagay-anons.

Expressing frustration over the lack of updates from COWD despite months of conflict with COBI, Moreno highlighted the council's dilemma in addressing the issue without complete information.

Despite the urgency of the situation, Moreno expressed reservations about blindly endorsing emergency purchases without a full understanding of the contractual implications thus abstaining from voting to ensure she does not become “an accessory to a breach of contract” while prioritizing the welfare of the people.


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