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Judith airs another concern over JRBGH’s instance of inefficiency

“Ang paghatag pagtagad sa panglawas nga gikinahanglan sa atong katawhan usa ka batakan nga serbisyo, atong kaakuhan isip mga opisyales sa pagtubag niini na panginahanglan sa atong katawhan kay kini kaakuhan nga gisangon kanato.”

This was pointed out by Councilor James K. Judith II on Monday’s regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez in his special report particularly on the shortcomings of the city-owned JR Borja General Hospital (JRBGH) in responding to several patients that sometimes result to their untimely demise.

After monitoring the hospital for quite some time since he made his last report on the matter last year, Judith said he felt devastated over the number of deaths therein probably due to the hospital’s lack of proper and updated facilities that will answer to emergency cases and accommodate all of its critical patients.

Judith also expressed his dismay over the considerable amount of money spent by the city government in financing the rehabilitation of the hospital not to mention the construction of additional buildings as well as appropriating funds for the hiring of more medical professionals necessary to complete its staffing pattern all aimed, supposedly, to upgrade its services to the public.

He also considered the construction of two district hospitals in Barangays Lumbia and Tablon as ineffectual for as long as JRBGH, being the main hospital, still has a level one accreditation.

“Di ba mas dako man ang gasto pagtukod og building? Nganong dili man nato magahom sa pagtukod og ICU (Intensive Care Unit) na mao man kana ang isa sa pinaka kinahanglan nga moangat o mosaka ang JRBGH from level 1 to level 2? Ug unsa may kapuslanan anang duha ka mga district hospitals kung ang mother unit or ang main hospital level one pa man gihapon? Buot pasabot magulang lang gihapon sa clinic or infirmary,” the councilor further lamented.

The matter was referred to the committee on health, nutrition and health insurance chaired by Councilor Maria Lourdes S. Gaane for appropriate actions. (Text by JAOclarit/photo by JRGalano/SP)


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