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Goking cmte looks into complaint of bank clients

Asks bank to review its loan policies

THE City Council committee on trade & commerce chaired by councilor George S. Goking yesterday tackled the letter of complaint filed by 18 clients against the management of the auto loan department in one of the banks in Cagayan de Oro.

In their letter, the complainants alleged that the down payment on the car loan was not reflected in the summary of payments made.

The concerned employees did not appear during the meeting and were given one week to come out and shed light on the complaint filed against them.

It was learned that the bank’s head office is now investigating the case. Councilor Goking advised the bank to review its policy in granting loans to clients. It is necessary to update the system of payments and so with the accounting procedure and

make it clear to the clients availing of the loan, he cited.

The councilor added that the accused and the complainants should be brought in a proper forum to shed light on this concern as he expressed hopes that the problem can be settled amicably.

Goking said he will pass a resolution requesting the bank to take appropriate action on the matter.

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