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CDO still has the lowest number of crime-related incidents -Calizo

“Still, if we compare its peace and order situation to other highly urbanized cities, we can still say that we (Cagayan de Oro City) got the lowest number of crime-related incidents.”

This was manifested by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo in response to the special report of Councilor Yevona Yacine B. Emano regarding her proposal to review the internal security plan of the city. Calizo also informed the members of the plenary that the city has just approved its POPS (Public Order and Public Safety) Plan last month. But as practiced, not only by the city but also by other LGUs, a security plan was usually made for every event or activity like the one being implemented for the launching of Higalaay Festival last August 1, 2023.

Even if the plan was a bit hasty, considering he has received the invitation to attend the said event within a short notice, the councilor, however, said that it should not be made a reason that the city cannot rapidly plan appropriately. He also observed that because the city is not used to threats of terrorism, lawless violence, and hard crimes, it can easily feel traumatized and anxious whenever such perils take place here.

With this, the councilor said that this is a challenge for everyone and that the executive department should ready the security plan not only for the constituents of the city but also for its visitors. In doing so, the City may be spared from hearing manifestations like the one expressed by the reporter when she said that, “Dili na lang daw niya padayonon to iyang mga bisita kay hadlok na man.”

“I think the better manifestation is that we got to sell Cagayan de Oro; that we go together, so that we could be safe not only for our people but also for our visitors. Who will come here and visit us and view our activities if we discourage our own visitors to come here? What we should do is to really come up with an appropriate plan,” the councilor further urged.

On the same note and considering the safety measures for the upcoming civic military parade, Calizo reiterated his request for the Committee on Higalaay Festival, co-chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual, to designate an over-all security overseer for the City Fiesta, stressing that it is not the same as the City Council Committee on Public Order and Safety. He also said that he was not designated to head the committee and make the security (plan) for the said activity.

“Maybe we’d rather advise those who are managing the Higalaay Festival that as early (as now), we should already designate and organize the committee on security para naa gyud atong pangutan-on bahin niini,” Calizo further explained.


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