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Ways & means committee to tackle request of payment gateway provider

The City Council committee on ways and means chaired by Councilor George S. Goking is set to discuss the letter-intent of 2C2P Philippines to partner with the city government as payment gateway provider for online payment of taxes and other fees.

2C2P Philippines is the leading payment gateway provider in Southeast Asia. The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), Cebu Pacific and PAL, among others, have availed of their services that can seamlessly accept payment from clienteles through online, mobile and offline channels in a single integration.

The city’s website has an online billing and payment system for the city government’s taxes that provides cheaper, faster and more convenient online transactions for taxpayers.

The company would like to partner with the city government as payment gateway provider so that taxpayers and business owners can pay online with their Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay and JCB, and debit cards or through direct debit with BPI, Unionbank, Bancnet and other banks.

Invited to attend the meeting are representatives of City Treasurer’s Office, City Administrator’s office, Local Economic Development Investment Promotion Office, and Oro Trade and Investment Promotion Center.


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