The Taguanao incident is already a social problem, thus the police cannot be solely blamed.

This was stressed by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez during the October 12, 2022 meeting of the committee on public order and safety, presided over by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, as it discussed the city’s peace and order situation.

While the Cagayan de Oro Police Office (COCPO) reported a downtrend of criminalities in the city, however, there are incidents, albeit classified as isolated, that somehow alarmed the public and tainted the good credibility of the city as to public order and safety, Calizo lamented.

Meanwhile for her part, Vice Mayor Rodriguez said the incident could not be totally blamed on the lack of police interventions considering their limited number of personnel.

“This is also a social problem and not only on peace and order so we cannot be blaming the police on this matter. Kay as we have noticed, there is only one police per 700 residents,” VM Bebot pointed out.

As this developed, the Vice Mayor called for a holistic approach that should be undertaken by the whole community starting from the family, barangay and police authorities to prevent untoward incidents involving young individuals.

Parents should check on their children, the barangays should have the political will and the police should be visible especially in crime-prone areas, VM Bebot manifested.

“From family to barangay and to the police, everybody should be involved in the community para malikayan ang mga kagubot na nahitabo karon sa atong palibot. We should connect and integrate everybody, as a community, para kita tanan motrabaho ta ug molihok aron dili na gayud ni mausab,” stressed Vice Mayor Rodriguez.

The meeting of the committee was also attended by Councilors Aga Suan, Malvern Esparcia, Atty. Jose Abbu, Jr., Yevonna Yacine Emano, Ma. Lourdes Gaane, Roger Abaday and Jay R. Pascual.

As requested by all councilors present, another meeting will be scheduled with the presence of Councilors John Michael L. Seno and Yan Lam S. Lim, being the chair of the committees on sports and youth development and on barangay affairs, respectively.