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Team Nacaya brings Christmas cheer to Leukemia patients

COUNCILOR Ian Mark Nacaya and his Prochildren Advocates team yesterday brought smiles and cheer to children at the Leukemia Patients Parents Organization (Leupapo) Center.

The councilor led the distribution of Christmas presents at the center where a special program was also held to bring hope, fun, laughter, and food to the patients and their families.

It was learned that this was not the first time the group visited the Leupapo Center and other centers as part of its Pro CdeO Program which aims to assist children with health conditions.

Councilor Nacaya is the founder of the Prochildren Advocates, while his wife Reina, is its executive director.

Leupapo has been chosen to be one of its partners in reaching out to the less fortunate children since 2020.


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