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Subdivision access road OK’d

THE Alteration of Plan of a subdivision project in Barangay Camaman-an was approved by the 20th City Council during its regular session presided over by City Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez.

Members of Cogon Market Multi-Vendors Homeowners Association, Inc. applied to change a portion of Block 1, Lot 2 of its subdivision project from Residential Lot to Road Lot to be used as access road leading to Ecoverde Kaiyo Subdivision.

The City Housing and Urban Development Department and the City Engineer’s Office had favorably endorsed the application.

For this purpose, the legislative body amended Ordinance No. 6409-1998, which previously approved the Development Permit of the said subdivision.

The alteration of plan was sponsored by the committees on subdivision and landed estate, and on laws and rules respectively chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas and Ian Mark Q. Nacaya.


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