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Subd Comm to tackle request for amendment of subdivision plan

THE City Council Committee on Subdivision and Landed Estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas is set to tackle the request for an amendment of Ordinance No. 13402-2018 covering the subdivision plan of P.N. Roa Valley Subdivision, located in Barangay Canitoan.

In its letter request to the committee, the P.N. Roa Realty Corporation requested that the subdivision plan be consolidated into one titled lot by adding Road Lot No. 1 with an area of 1,383 square meters, increasing the covered total area from 26,946 square meters to 28,329 square meters.

The committee invited Mr. Rogelio W. Go, general manager of P.N. Roa Realty Corporation, Atty. Samuel E. Rollo of City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD), Joshua Del Bando of City Assessor’s Office, and Acting City Engineer Joel V. Momongan.


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