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SP approves city’s P7.5-B budget for 2022

THE 19th City Council headed by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy during its regular session on Monday, December 13, 2021, approved the city’s annual budget for 2022 for both the General Fund with an estimated income of P6,585,038,262.00 and of the special account/operation of city’s economic enterprises/utilities in the amount of P914,961,738.00 or a total of P7.5 billion.

The city’s 2022 budget comprises P2.2 billion (29.80%) intended for General Public Services; P2.7 billion (36.07%) for Social Services, and P2.5 billion (34.13%) for Economic Services.

In the budget for social services, P1,517,889,021 is allocated for health, nutrition, and hospital services; P180 million for PhilHealth Indigency Program/Philippine Universal Health Care/COVID-19 Response and Recovery; P22,745,550 will be spent for City Health Insurance Office operation and its special programs/projects; P290.1 million is allocated for existing programs of the City Health Office including administrative support services, and P746.2 million for hospital services.

For economic services, the amount of P226.4 million is budgeted for agricultural and veterinary services and environmental and natural resources concerns; P274.7 million for the operation and maintenance of the Engineering Office and City Equipment Depot, and the amount of P168.6 million has been allocated for markets and enterprises.

The allocation also includes the city’s 20-percent Development Fund in the amount of P551.8 million. In addition, P1-billion has been allocated to fund various infrastructure projects such as the construction and operation of the sanitary landfill in the amount of P100 million.

The 19th City Council convened as a Committee of the Whole presided over by Councilor Edna Dahino to deliberate on the 2022 annual budget.

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