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Proposed law strengthening campaign ‘Tugkaran Ko, Limpyohan Ko’ up for discussion

THE proposed ordinance requiring all residential and commercial establishments to clean and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the sidewalk and immediate premises fronting their area is up for deliberation by the City Council committee on health, nutrition, and health insurance chaired by Councilor Maria Lourdes S. Gaane.

The proposed law aims to institutionalize the campaign “Tugkaran Ko, Limpyohan Ko!” every third Saturday of the month and imposes penalties for non-compliance.

Councilor Christian Rustico M. Achas, introduced the proposed ordinance saying there is an urgent need for the city to adopt stricter rules on solid waste management due to rampant urban flooding, which is observed to be caused by improper waste disposal, wherein the bulk of garbage is found in the drainages/canals after flooding.

Under the proposed ordinance, the owner, lessee, or occupant of both residential and commercial establishments situated within the city shall undertake to clean the sidewalk and passageway fronting their residential house, building, or properties lining the street from the line of the property to the middle of the street and from one property to the other.

Any person found violating any of the provisions of the ordinance shall pay P500 for 1st offense, P1,000 for 2nd offense, and on 3rd offense, violator shall pay P3,000 without prejudice to the cancellation of the business permit.

The committee on health will convene on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 2:00 in the afternoon at the City Council Session Hall to further discuss the matter.


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