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Proposed environment code under review

THE proposed ordinance providing for the environment code of Cagayan de Oro City is being reviewed by the 19th City Council headed by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy.

As provided in Section 1 of the proposed ordinance, the City Government of Cagayan de Oro shall not allow groundwater extraction unless a valid permit is issued by the National Water Resources Board (NWRB).

It also provides that within three months upon the effectivity of the Environment Code, the city mayor shall organize and maintain the continuous and effective operation of a 14-member multisectoral City Water Resources Management Board (CWRMB) to be composed of the city mayor as chair and representatives from the DENR, NIA, Cagayan de Oro City Water District, City Engineers Office, City Planning and Development Office (CPDO), PAGASA, Department of Health (DOH) and BFAR, among others, as members.

The proposed environment code requires the installation of rainwater collection and harvesting systems in buildings and dwellings. It also requires water peddlers, water refilling stations and commercial surface and/or groundwater permittees in the city to maintain the safety and quality of their drinking waters passed on to their customers. Water quality monitoring reports will be submitted by the permittees on a regular basis determined upon the nature of their business to the CLENRD, as cited in the proposed ordinance.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Water Code of the Philippines, utilization of water resources for domestic, agricultural, industrial and the environment shall be allowed provided it is in consonance with the global and national agenda in the development of water.

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