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Pascual seeks preservation of Tarsiers

“WE all live in this beautiful earth where disturbing our ecosystem will trigger a big effect once we do not protect itsinhabitants. I know that each creature just like us has a purpose. I’m sure God, no matter what religion you are in, didn’t just make one living creature, big or small, just for the heck of it. There has to be a purpose.”

This was pointed out by Councilor Jay R. Pascual on Monday’s regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez in his special report relative to his personal experience of seeing a tarsier in his barangay over the past weekend.

At first, the councilor did not believe of their existence in our locality until a kid at Sitio Man-ai brought him one of the primates placed in a small cage.

As a pet lover himself, he was instantly touched by the primate’s eyes peeping thru the bars that he ordered it to be released right away as he always despises cruelty and caging of animals.

The latest incident took place inside a classroom of Cadayanon Integrated School in Besigan where the primate was hiding behind a television unit. It was turned over to the DENR, but the councilor has no knowledge on what has become of the animal. He only hoped the agency has a preservation program in saving the same.

With this turn of events, the councilor said that Cagayanons now know these animals are not only found in Bohol but also here in the city particularly in barangays Tignapoloan, Bayanga, Mambuaya, Dansolihon and just recently in Besigan.

As the world’s second smallest primate, this 45-million-year old species faces a triple threat to its existence namely, low birth rates, explorative tourism and habitat destruction.

It also has the tendency to commit suicide when they are locked up or kept in a cage. Since they only eat small insects in the wild, it’s hard to keep one as pet because they easily die in captivity, Pascual further cited.

There are about 13 species of tarsiers in different parts of the country. However, there are only five to ten thousand left in the wild, The Gavel learned.

“I know for the fact that tarsiers are protected by law, but my prayer is for the DENR, CLENRO, City Vet and the DepEd to work together hand-in-hand in doing a preservation program in saving the tarsiers and to learn about tarsiers from our neighboring municipality of Bohol,” the councilor further manifested.

As requested, the matter was referred to the committees on environment and on education for further study and deliberation.


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