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Nacaya calls to declare Oro rafting as center for excellence

“IF we can declare Cagayan de Oro river whitewater rafting as center of excellence and a training hub for Swift Water and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT), we can give the support to help the venture flourish.”

This was the call of Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya, on Monday’s regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, citing the need to help rafting operators in their endeavor to bring back Cagayan de Oro in the limelight as a tourist destination.

“Our river rafting had been operational for more than three decades and has lasted through time. Even for more than 30 years, it is still existing and had been the host for national and international rafting challenges and trainings,” Nacaya stressed.

He cited that there are only two competing rivers that passed international approval for rafting adventure, Cagayan Valley and Cagayan de Oro, and only Cagayan de Oro operates all year round.

“We can turn the direction of our tourism industry with whitewater river rafting and facilitate the aspiration of these adventurers,” he added.

Nacaya also said that swift water and flood rescue technician training had also been conducted by a UK-based SRT provider who sent instructors to Cagayan de Oro and some parts of Bukidnon.

“These activities will help in promoting Cagayan de Oro not only in the country but internationally,” Nacaya concluded.

With this, Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez referred the proposal of Councilor Nacaya to the Committees on Environment and on Tourism chaired by Councilors Roger G. Abaday and Jay R. Pascual, respectively.


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