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Nacaya bats City Pet Hospital creation

In his special report in yesterday’s regular session, Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya proposed for the creation of a City Hall facility for family pets.

He made the proposal citing several complaints from the public wanting to raise animal pets like dogs and cats but could not afford the high cost of veterinary services especially when their pets get sick.

As the city is moving toward Metropolization as stipulated in the Philippine Development Plan, its services should be available for different sectors including the pet lovers.

Animal pets are undeniably considered part of the family and whether having them as pets or not, the existence of these animals is greatly appreciated for many different reasons, Nacaya pointed out.

While lauding the City Veterinary Office’s programs, Nacaya, however, stressed the need to expand, capacitate and improve its services by having a veterinary clinic or hospital.

As defined, in a clinical hospital environment, veterinarians work with large and small animals, to evaluate animal’s health, diagnose and treat illnesses, provide routine preventive care, prescribe medication and perform surgery.

The matter was referred to the Committee on Agriculture chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual for appropriate action. (

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