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Nacaya agrees on ‘preserving the dignity’ of DPWH officials

“We should lift each other’s dignity and credibility, we should collaborate and don’t step on (each) other’s shoes.”

This was pointed out by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya in support of the special report of Councilor Christian Rustico M. Achas on Monday’s regular session relative to his call for the members of the City Council to give the DPWH officials due recognition for the infrastructure projects in the city, notwithstanding that these may have caused some temporary inconvenience to the public during the course of its implementation.

Nacaya said that the city needs the DPWH because they are the implementer of the national government in terms of infrastructure projects, explaining further that… “if we are left behind by this agency on the ground (that) we are also not desirable to their liking as an LGU to be prioritized with, that’s another story, the people would suffer now and in the future.”

He also said that while the City Council would like to push its agenda to the limit, which would require swift actions and results according to its desired outputs and expectations, its negotiation and discussion with the DPWH officials must still be rationalized and within the context of utmost tolerance and dignity.

This is the impression that the members of the Council must be apprised of and must be concerned about, Nacaya further manifested.


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