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Moreno calls for action on city scholar stipend delay

DURING the 83rd regular session of the 20th City Council, Councilor Imee Moreno delivered a special report addressing the concerns of some city scholars regarding the delay in their allowances.

CDO City Councilor Imee Rose P. Moreno

Councilor Moreno shared that, over the weekend, five scholars reported to her about the three-month delay of their allowances. She noted that any delay poses a significant challenge to the scholars.

Councilor Suzette G. Magtajas-Daba, chair of the Committee on Education, explained that it is stipulated in the city scholarship contract between the City and the student that stipend is released quarterly. She reported that over 7,000 scholars already received their first-quarter allowances, and those with ATM cards have received theirs up to May. However, more than 400 scholars had yet to receive their allowances due to incomplete grade submissions, which is a requirement for disbursement.

Councilor Moreno proposed that proper communication be established to address the issue, ensuring that those who have not received their allowances for valid reasons are informed and will be assisted accordingly.


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