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Market stallholders urged to avail of extension of business permits renewal

Councilor George S. Goking, chair of both the committees on ways and means and on trade & commerce of the City Council, reminds businessmen operating in the city to avail of the extension of business permits renewal in all public markets in the city. Under Ordinance No. 14465-2023, the City Council extended the deadline of the period for the renewal of business license/permits in the city’s public markets from February 28,2023 to March 31,2023.

He said the extension is enough to avoid surcharges and penalties. He cited that a giant Makati-based telecommunication company was padlocked by the Makati City Government for nonpayment of P3.2 billion in taxes and operating without a business permit since 2019. Councilor Goking reminded businessmen to acquire business permits to avoid problems in the near future.


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