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Judith seeks to revisit Ordinance 5133-95, intensify police roving patrol

“CRIME does not pay. Dapat lang kung naay usa ka tawo o indibidwal na nakasala o nakasupak sa atong balaod dapat itaral sa hukmanan aron didto ipahamtang ang tukmang silot, matud pa sa balaod.”

This was stressed by Councilor James K. Judith II in his special report on Monday’s regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez relative to the recent incident involving young individuals around 6:00AM Sunday, October 9, 2022 at Pelaez (Taguanao) Bridge in Taguanao, Indahag.

Based on initial police investigation, it was revealed that certain groups of individuals were hanging out and having drinks at the said bridge just before sunrise Sunday when a heated altercation broke out among them. At the height of the commotion, the driver of the black Hyundai Accent suddenly sped and ran over four (4) victims with one (1) fatality. The victims were brought to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC). Police are still looking for the unidentified suspect driver of the car.

Judith said the crime may have been prevented had the City Ordinance No. 5133-95 been strictly enforced by the barangay and the roving activity of the police been intensified.

He, however, stressed the need for its revision particularly the provisions on penalty.

“Ato na sigurong amendahan ang maong ordinansa, patas-an na nato ang multa. Angayan na sad siguro na usabon nato aron butangan nato’g ngipon ang atong ordinansa ug pagpatuman sa atong kapolisan (sa ilang roving activity) ug kabarangayan atong mahan-ay (para) masiguro ang peace and order sa atong dakbayan,” the councilor earnestly pointed out.

Furthermore, the councilor recommended for the police to file criminal cases against all parties involved in the incident and not just the one who inflicted serious injuries to the victim as prescribed under Article 251 also known as Death Caused in a Tumultuous Affray.

“Dili sila moingon na itumbok lang nila sa maong tawhana kay mao ray nakaligis apan sila man tanan naa didto. Silang tanan naa didto na nag-inom maoy hinungdan sa kagubot o rambol dapat pasakaan og kaso,” Judith explained.

The matter was referred to the committee on public order and safety, chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, for appropriate action


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