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Goking thanks coast guard for warm welcome

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on Trade and Commerce and on ways and means, was warmly welcomed by CD LCDR Bernard N. Ventura Commanding Officer of MRRV-4411 patrol vessel during his visit on Tuesday. The councilor expressed gratitude to the commanding officer and his company for their untiring support to the Philippine Coast Guard and their services to the people.

Councilor Goking stressed that his visit was to let the public know about the functions and responsibilities of the coast guard in ensuring sea safety.

CDLCDR Ventura said that the role of the coast guard ship “Cape Engaño” is not only to count passengers but to assist, rescue, and also assure the safety of vessels. It also carefully examines documents presented by shipment of cargoes to ensure compliance with the International Law of Vessels.

CDLR Ventura announced that the coast guard is now using a new Japanese vessel with complete technology. The Multi Rule Response Vehicle (MRRV) adopts modern Japanese technology, he added.

Goking said peace and order in the city’s port play a vital role in the economic recovery of Cagayan de Oro, the gateway to Mindanao.

Some businesses start at the port so it is very important to support the needs of the coast guard, he added.

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