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Goking seeks protection of workers during calamities

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and Commerce, is reminding the business sector that unfavorable weather conditions can cause flooding and other calamities.

The councilor said the protection, and safety of their employees should be ensured.

A well-planned action should be prioritized to avoid more problems. In case of flooding, transportation should be provided to employees, he pointed out.

The councilor is urging businesses to also inspect their building’s exit points for employees and customers in case of emergency. He added that medical kits and flashlights should always be available. We should always be ready because life is precious, he stressed.

It was learned that some parts of the country are now experiencing heavy rain downfall, threatening the safety of those who are living near river banks, and in mountainous areas prone to landslides.

Councilor Goking added that there should always be proper coordination between the city government and concerned government agencies for immediate response to the needs of affected residents.


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