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Goking highlights PPP’s role for city’s economic recovery

Councilor George S. Goking last week said that public-private partnership plays a role in the city’s economic recovery.

He said infrastructure development and facilitating the development of local PPP projects should be prioritized so that the city can collect more revenues for the welfare of the people.

During the meeting of the committee on ways and means, he said that under the PPP concept, the private sector can build, operate and maintain public infrastructure facilities and provide services traditionally delivered by the government.

On the other hand, Goking reminded the business establishments especially the owners of high rise buildings and condominiums to be vigilant, even as he reminded their employees to be alert and apply safety measures in times of emergencies.

It can be recalled that high magnitude of earthquakes happened hit Turkey and Syria last week, killing thousands of people.

He added that coordination with other government agencies is necessary.

Better to be prepared at all times, he said.


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