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Goking attends workshop on streamlining permit issuance

Councilor George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on ways and means, on Wednesday graced the orientation workshop on Streamlining Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy, Integration of Barangay Clearance, Reengineering of Systems and Procedures, and Repeal of Policies.

The discussion was focused on the simplification of building permitting through the integration of barangay clearances, as there is a necessity to re-engineer the system as required by law and to conform to various local ordinances.

Councilor Goking said the fast processing of building permits is very important. He also said that he is planning to convene his committee soon, inviting representatives from such offices as the Licensing Division, Office of the Building Official, Bureau of Fire and Protection, City Planning, City Legal, City Treasurer, barangay officials, City Health, RCB, ORO TIPC, and City Tourism to tackle the fast processing of business permits.


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