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Goking attends anti-crime meet,warns public against scammers

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and commerce, attended the Special Action Committee on Anti-Criminality Meeting with P/BGen Lawrence B. Coop, Regional Director, PRO 10/Chairman, SAC on Anti-Criminality.

The meeting held yesterday at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Camp Alagar, in Barangay Lapasan discussed the trends in the index and non-index crime, the proportion of persons who are victims of crimes, crime volume, crime solution efficiency, crime clearance efficiency, and crime hot spots.

They also deliberated about cybercrime including hacking, virtual illegal gambling, online sexual abuse, and exploitation of children (OSAEC), among others.

Disbandment of private armed groups/criminal gangs and other issues concerning crime and disorder were also tackled. Councilor Goking stressed that one of the cybercrime problems that caught his attention is the hacking of bank accounts, GCash transactions, and other financial-related cases.

The online selling of items, online games, and getting bank and Gcash account details purportedly to send the money won, and many other schemes were also among the issues discussed.

Goking reminded the business sector and the public to be careful and vigilant in their online bank and GCash transactions so they will not fall prey to these scammers.

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