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Dads OK Oro’s AIP for 2022

THE 19th City Council during its regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy adopted a resolution approving the Annual Investment Program (AIP) for 2022 of the city government of Cagayan de Oro.

In his letter to the City Council, City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno emphasized the programs, projects and activities (PPAs) included in the 2022 AIP are supportive, consistent, and strategically contributory to the attainment of the city’s Eight-Point Development Agenda (PRIMEHAT).

The AIP 2022 is the annual slice of the City Development Investment Program (CDIP) 2020-2025 that contains the priorities and strategies in attaining the development agenda of the administration that supports the development objectives and targets of the City Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) 2020-2025.

The PPAs under the AIP have been reviewed by the City Development Council (CDC) Secretariat and the City Budget Office, in consultation with City Government departments and offices to ensure consistency with the national, regional and local investment programming policies and guidelines.

The PPAs are intended to support the achievement of sectoral development goals contained in the CDP and these include the concerned sectors on social, economic, environment, infrastructure and institution.

For 2022, the proposed investment of the city amounts to P8.1 billion covering the PAPs proposed by 53 departments and offices, 22 special bodies/executive committees/auxiliary services as well as various investments posted under non-office accounts.

The invested targets of the city for CY 2022 will cover the general public services sector, social development services sector and economic development services sector.

From among the three sectors, however, the social development services sector marked the highest targeted investments pegged at 51-percent. It covers strategies for responding to COVID-19 disease and other health-related services, housing, education, calamity and disaster risk reduction management, social welfare management and development concerns, among others.

Meanwhile, the economic development services sector, which includes environmental and infrastructure development, and development administration sectors/general public sector comprises 31-percent and 18-percent of the total 2022 AIP, respectively, The Gavel learned.

The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on planning, research and innovation and on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya.


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