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City-USTP partnership will improve public services - Nacaya

COUNCILOR Ian Mark Nacaya expresses optimism that the city’s partnership with the academe, particularly the USTP Artificial Intelligence Center, will improve public services and dramatically reduce economic loss due to traffic congestion.

This, after the USTP AIC team presented to the councilor a research project proposal entitled, “Adoptive Traffic Management System, Intervention of Technology on Traffic”.

It was learned that the research paper is expected to produce an integrated traffic management system using artificial and advance technology. The fully automated data-driven system will enable the city to calculate traffic density for signal coordination and will pave the way for the effective utilization of city roads.

Councilor Nacaya, who chairs the committee on planning, development and innovation, expressed his gratitude to USTP for the research paper, as he cited the need for the city to prepare for the looming traffic problem that will come with the metropolization of Cagayan de Oro.


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