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City to execute DOTA with NHA for housing project in San Simon

THE 19th City Council during its regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy enacted an ordinance authorizing City Mayor Oscar Moreno to enter into and execute the Deed of Turnover and Acceptance (DOTA) with the National Housing Authority (NHA).

This covers the turnover of 164 housing units at the Cagayan de Oro Socialized Housing Project in San Simon under the NHA’s Resettlement Assistance Program for local government units (LGUs).

In his letter to the legislative body, Mayor Moreno said the housing units are covered by NHA’s financial grant to the city in the amount of P50 million, which was the subject of a separate MOA entered into by parties, later authorized by the City Council through an


As stipulated in the agreement, the NHA shall provide financial and technical assistance for the implementation and completion of the housing units.

Through the project, the city will be able to provide housing assistance to families residing in danger areas, those affected by the city’s infrastructure projects, and other urban poor families who qualify for relocation and resettlement assistance under RA 7279.


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