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City, Red Cross to ink MOA on blood donations

THE city government of Cagayan de Oro will be collaborating with Philippine Red Cross to promote voluntary blood donations at the city-owned J.R. Borja General Hospital, which has been designated as a Licensed Blood Bank by the Department of Health (DOH).

This, as the 20th City Council during its regular session presided over by Presiding Officer Pro-Tempore Councilor Romeo V. Calizo enacted an ordinance authorizing City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the PRC covering the collaboration.

Under the MOA, the Red Cross shall distribute blood and blood components to the city through the JRBGH for a term beginning upon the signing of the agreement and ending one year thereafter, unless extended for another period of one year by mutual consent of the parties or unless sooner terminated by either party after giving notice at least one month in advance.

The Red Cross shall also distribute to the city at least once a week a supply of blood and blood products according to the quantity ordered each week based on their blood inventory. It shall likewise provide additional blood products requested by the city due to unexpected demand in the hospital such as in emergency situations, subject to the availability.

For its part, the city government shall promote, recruit, and encourage voluntary donations to the Red Cross among hospital personnel, patients, relatives, and the community. The city shall also refer and endorse previous volunteer blood donors to the Red Cross for the continuity of the blood supply. It shall likewise provide for the proper transport of the blood and blood products to be acquired from the Red Cross, among others.

The MOA was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on health, nutrition, and health insurance and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors Maria Lourdes S. Gaane and Edgar S. Cabanlas, respectively.


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