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Cabanlas cmte to look into motorela operations at Apovel Subd

THE City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas will look into the request for investigation on the operations of motorcabs/relas within the vicinity of Apovel Subdivision in Barangay Patag.

In his letter to the committee, Jeffrey Quiblat, member of Apovel Lot Owners, Residents and Homeowners Association Inc. (ALRHOAI) board of directors, said most of the motorcabs/relas operating in the subdivision are not registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and that only one or two bear legitimate license plate number.

According to Quiblat, there are also complaints about drivers increasing fares, especially during heavy rains, and not giving special discounts for senior citizens, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and students.

He added that no permit was presented to operate such public conveyance issued by the barangay council, from the city or the association. Not all drivers have the appropriate driver’s license required, he added.

The association said they are concerned about the safety of the riding public during emergencies.

“We fear if an accident happens there will be serious injuries…”, said the association.


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