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After-sales services of businesses to be tackled

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and commerce, said his committee will look into concerns regarding after-sales services of businesses operating in the city.

This in the wake of complaints of some customers after purchasing vehicles, condominiums, and appliances.

It was learned that some motorcycle companies in the city are offering installment to their customers. The problem arises when the customers fully pays the item but the company cannot immediately give the certificate of ownership to them.

This system, which depends on their head offices located outside the city, causes hassle and inconvenience to customers, Goking cited.

This policy is not favorable to clients as it will be difficult to transfer the registration of the vehicle in name of the buyer, he added.

Councilor Goking stressed that even policies of telecommunication companies should be reviewed. He said it affects services needed by the people especially during classes where the use of internet is necessary. Poor internet connections affect all businesses, he stressed.

Goking said the committee will also review reports that some businesses are operating using the business permits of their head offices.

The councilor said he is hoping that these will all be addressed to satisfy everyone and to help the economy recover. (SP/APDelgra)


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