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Abaday backs ordinance allowing Mayor Uy to intervene in water crisis lawsuit

“Dili man ta apil sa COBI (Cagayan de Oro Bulk Water Inc.) og COWD (Cagayan de Oro Water District), but we have to intervene because our rights are being affected. Mao ni ang tuyo sa atong gipasaka nga ordinansa.”

CDO City Council allowing Mayor Uy to intervene in water crisis lawsuit

CDO City Councilor Roger G, Abaday

This was emphasized by Councilor Roger Abaday as the 20th City Council, presided over by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, opened for discussion the proposed ordinance authorizing Mayor Uy through the City Legal Office to file for a petition for intervention in two special civil cases involving COWD and Metropac Water Investment Corp and Ronnie Waniwan and COBI.

It may be recalled that, on May 14, Rio Verde Water Consortium Incorporated and COBI have communicated to COWD their decision to cease supplying bulk water by shutting off the pipe valves in the eastern and western parts of the City.

Council Abaday contends that, while the city is still placed under state of emergency, the council members being water consumers themselves should support the said legislation in such a critical time when the basic right to water of Cagayan de Oro residents is being compromised.


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