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Dads OK MOU with MVC for internship of med techs

INTERNS of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT) at the Mountain View College (MVC) in Valencia City can now practice the theories they have learned from the classroom and apply these in actual situational experience.

This, after the 18th City Council during its regular session Monday enacted an ordinance authorizing the city mayor to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mountain View College covering the affiliation and internship training of its medical technology students at the JR Borja General Hospital.

Under the MOU, the city, thru JRBGH, shall allow interns to gain actual experience and training in the hospital, as maybe necessary, but always under its direct supervision and control. But, in pursuance to the security and protection of its clients and/or patients, as well as of the interns, may restrict or limit certain acts, access, presence and involvement of the interns.

Moreover, it shall allow MVC and its interns, whenever necessary and with the written approval of the chief of JRBGH, to attend the clinical activities, conferences and symposiums related to medical and health care services of JRBGH. It shall likewise enforce rules and regulations, thru the cooperation and coordination of MVC regarding the admission, supervision, training and the regulation of the interns who fail to comply with any of the regulation of JRBGH by committing acts detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the clients, patients and hospital personnel, among others.

For its part, MVC and its interns shall submit to the city, thru JRBGH, the certified list of qualified interns who desire to undergo its internship training program, assume responsibility for care and custody of the interns in case of loss, damages, infections, illnesses, injuries and/or death at the course of affiliation or internship.

Furthermore, it shall reimburse the city in cash or in kind (at the discretion of the City), all losses, damages or breakage caused by the act, omission or negligence of any of its interns, cooperate and coordinate with the Chief of the JRBGH, thru the Chief Medical Technologist, or her authorized hospital staff on matters concerning the program of internship, training, duties and discipline of interns, convocations, and other related activities, among others.

This legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on health, sanitation and health insurance and on laws and rules respectively chaired by Councilors Maria Lourdes S. Gaane and Ian Mark Q. Nacaya. (JAO)

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