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City should partner with COWD in finding water sources – Nacaya

WE should act as a partner of the Cagayan de Oro Water District, not as an antagonist, stressed Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya in his special report Monday.

He said it is about time that the city government “help and be helped” by the pressing water problems even as it anticipates the future of Cagayan de Oro as a metropolitan city.

With this, the councilor submitted an unsolicited proposal for total water resources management and a position paper on alternative supplies of water. He said the research was conducted by Ray Calixto, head of the CEED’s Research and Communication Department.

“We would like to consolidate our efforts and I am submitting this to the committee on public utilities for proper disposal. We should act, most favorably to the people of Cagayan de Oro, and provide water to more barangays,“ Nacaya added.

He said the city government should tap water resources and allow barangays to manage and deliver water services to its residents.

“The city government has been doing it in the past like in the barangays of Besigan, Tignapoloan, Indahag, and several other barangays,” he cited.

“Perhaps we can create several systems and provide all these sources to the water district and have a lower rate. And let the water district reduce its own rate for reason that it has received a reduce rate coming from the city government,” Nacaya proposed.

Vice Mayor Uy referred the matter to the City Council as a Committee of the Whole for study.

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