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Trade committee tackles concerns of uptown HOA

The City Council committee on trade and commerce chaired by Councilor George S. Goking recently discussed the concerns of uptown residents, particularly regulations on the operations of commercial establishments such as building permits and loud music, among others, which disturb the homeowners.

In its Board Resolution No. 002-2022, the Federation of Uptown Village Homeowners Association, Inc. raised before the committee the issue on loud noise of live bands that disturbs the residents during rest hours.

A representative of the association also raised the issue of selling of liquors in the area.

The City Finance Department cited that one of the requirements in issuing business permit is the recommendation of the barangay chairman where the business is located. It was also observed that there are problems as to who exist first, the subdivisions or the business establishments.

For his part, Councilor Esparcia said that if possible related ordinances should be reviewed so as to resolve such complaints not only in the uptown area but in all barangays which are having the same problem.

Councilor Goking said his committee will immediately act on the problems and complaints raised before the committee in coordination with other government offices and agencies.

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