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Toll fee ordinance of Cugman up for review

THE City Council committee on Barangay Affairs chaired by Councilor Yan Lam Lim will soon tackle the ordinance submitted by Barangay Cugman, known as Malasag Cugman Toll Code of 2020.

It cites Section 384 of the Local Government Code, which recognizes the barangay as the basic political unit, and serve as the primary planning and implementing unit of government policies, plants, programs, projects and activities in the community.

The ordinance imposes toll fees to all incoming vehicles at the Zone 9 Malasag entrance.

The Gavel learned that the toll fee shall be applied to all visiting vehicles and individuals who are coming to the barangay tourist area located at Malasag.

However, the ordinance imposes exemptions to residents of Zone 7 and 9 of Malasag, Malasag government office personnel on duty and vehicles, Malasag privately-owned establishments, personnel on duty, emergency vehicles, AFP, PNP and other government operatives on official mission and barangay personnel of Cugman with official purpose or work in the area.

It was learned that toll gate shall be open from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening.(SP/JRGalano)


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