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SP suspends session on June 17 and 24, 2024

THE 20th City Council, during the regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, suspended its regular sessions on June 17 and 24, 2024.

CDO City Vice Mayor Jocelyn "Bebot" B. Rodriguez

The June 17 session suspension is due to the observance of Eid al-Adha, also known as the "Feast of Sacrifice". This significant Islamic holiday commemorates Prophet Ibrahim's (Abraham in Christianity and Judaism) readiness to sacrifice his son Ismail in obedience to Allah's command.

The City Council likewise suspended its June 24 session to allow several city legislators to attend the “Tapok”, a biennial celebration for Kagay-anons worldwide hosted by Kagay-anon International primarily held in the United States and Canada.

CDO City Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas

Started in 1982 in Chicago, "Tapok" aims to provide updates on investments, tourism, current events, and other important information about Cagayan de Oro City. The event also serves as a reunion for families, friends, relatives, and classmates who are Kagay-anons and have lived abroad for some time.

The event attracts around 500 Kagay-anons, including church leaders, local government executives, congressional representatives, and tourism officials, The Gavel recalled.


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