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RTA to present references on no-right-turn on red light policy - Calizo

WITHIN the week, the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) will present their appropriate references on the imposition of the no-right-turn on red light policy.

This was emphasized by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, chair of the City Council committee on roads and traffic management, in reaction to the special report of Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya on Monday relative to the implementation of the said traffic signs in the intersections of the city roads.

Calizo said this was agreed upon during the last committee meeting when the RTA was unable to come up with satisfactory explanations on the matter aside from citing the occurrence of accidents as the only reason.

The councilor likewise said the policy is not considered a law until now because the appropriate component was not met. The installation of the no-right-turn signs should only be in some specified intersections and not in all intersections of the city roads, he further cited.

“If they want to impose the no-right-turn on red signal, it should be on specific intersections that will be identified by them (RTA) so that commuters and motorists will not be confused about it,” Calizo pointed out.


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