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Proposed tax exemptions for socialized, economic housing up for study

THE proposed law revising the schedule of fees for subdivision projects and providing fees and taxes exemption to socialized and economic housing projects will be reviewed by the City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas.

The Gavel learned that the City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD) is proposing the revision of Ordinance No. 9639-2005, otherwise known as “the revised schedule of permit fees zoning/locational clearance”.

CHUDD manifested the need to provide exemptions to socialized housing projects citing that the Congressional Committee on Housing and Urban Development adopted a substitute resolution to House Resolution 1468, which seeks to declare a housing crisis in the country and urges housing agencies to streamline and speed up housing production, including the dissemination of housing units to underserved families.

The proposed law provides the revision of the project cost schedule of fees for subdivision projects, particularly the zoning and locational clearances of single residential attached/detached, apartments, dormitories, institutional establishments, commercial, industrial, and agro-industrial, and special uses.

The revised project cost includes subdivisions under PD 957, projects under BP 220, condominium projects, industrial and commercial subdivisions, farm lot subdivisions, and memorial parks/cemetery projects/columbarium, among others.


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