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Oro dads approve MOA with PSA Serbilis Centers

THE city can now provide a more extensive service to its constituents as well as simplify its servicing of requests for civil registry documents from the public.

This after the 20th City Council on its regular session yesterday, presided over by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, enacted an ordinance authorizing City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) covering the establishment of the Online Census Serbilis Centers (Serbilis Outlets) in the City of Cagayan de Oro.

The PSA, through the Civil Registry System IT (CRS IT2) Project, has established online Census Serbilis Centers (Serbilis Outlets) in various locations of the Philippines to serve as service points for the decentralized servicing of requests for civil registry documents from the public. To extend the availability of these services and as part of its mandate, the City Government, through the Office of the City Civil Registrar, is also receiving and servicing requests for civil registry documents registered not only in the city but also those that may have been registered in other localities.

Meanwhile, PSA has developed the Batch Request Query System (BREQS)-First Party System, a system for the use of the city which provides for an offline method of encoding requests for civil registry documents and submission thereof to an online Serbilis Outlet of the PSA. The use of the BREQS-First Party System by the city will not only enable it to provide the public with a facility to secure copies of civil registry documents issued by a Serbilis Outlet but also relieves the local government of the financial investment required to establish an outlet.

Under the MOA, the BREQS-First Party System shall include the BREQS application software for encoding particulars of requests for copy issuances and certificates. Unless rescinded or amended in the future, copies of birth, death, marriage documents, annotated or endorsed documents, and certificates of no record of marriage (singleness) are the only documents that may be requested through the system.

Moreover, the city is given authorization to use the system free of charge under the rules and regulations set out for its purpose. The PSA grants the city the use of the BREQS software on the condition that it is not dissembled, decompiled, or re-engineered and that the Distribution CD is not to be sold, lent, or shared to entities other than the implementing unit designated by the city subject to the evaluation of the PSA, among others.

The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on Planning, Research and Innovation and People’s Organization Accreditation and on Laws and Rules respectively chaired by Councilors Ian Mark Q. Nacaya and Edgar S. Cabanlas.


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