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Nacaya, USTP authors successfully launch new book to boost productivity of small farmers

COUNCILOR Ian Mark Q. Nacaya, DPA, with co-authors Horacio Emmanuel S. Factura III and Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene, PhD, successfully launched a new book entitled: Productivity among small farmers: Guide for Agricultural Field Technicians.

The event featured various personalities in the academe and in the field of agriculture. It also showcased the significant role of research which focuses on the marginal sector of the society.

During the program, Councilor Nacaya, one of the authors of the book, highlighted the whole of community approach as he emphasized the importance of working together as a community.

Nacaya said the authors have visualized that in the future if all will participate and provide support to small farmers, they can have an increased income with the support of the agricultural field technicians.

“We must have the agri-technicians to enable all this. The book is not about the increase in productivity of small farmers but how we can capacitate our agri-technicians. Just suggestive, not mandatory,” he explained.

“We work as part of a functional society and we cannot do much without the other elements of this society. The enablers, the agricultural field technicians,” he added.

Factura, who also authored the book, said the book targets agricultural field technicians.

He explained that the authors are not suggesting techniques for the farmers to improve but strategies on how to deal with them.

“The book emphasizes the need to have a comprehensive production plan in dealing with farming communities,” he cited as he expressed hopes that this would be beneficial to agricultural field workers.

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