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MOA with DOH CHD NM ok’d

THE 20th City Council, during its regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, approved an ordinance authorizing Mayor Klarex Uy to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Health-Center of Health Development Northern Mindanao (DOH CHD NM), covering the implementation of the Healthy Settings Program for FY 2023. Under the MOA, the DOH CHD NM shall allocate ₱1.6 million per playbook. The City is entitled to three playbook implementations with a total grant of ₱4.8 million.

Further, the DOH CHD NM shall monitor the utilization of the grant and the implementation of the project at all stages, with exclusive right to demand return of the funds should the utilization be other than what is agreed.

For its part, the City Government will ensure that the transferred funds shall solely and exclusively be utilized for the promotion and pursuit of its health promotion, intervention, in accordance with a plan to be submitted to DOH CHD NM; be responsible for the transmission of fund utilization report duly verified by a COA resident auditor on every 10th day of the following month, a monthly status report fund utilization duly certified by the accountant or treasurer with approval of the Local Executive; all travel expenses such as vehicle rental/gasoline, fare and other related expenses will be charged to the City as counterpart. It will also allow the DOH CHD NM to monitor the project implementation on site, among others.

The legislation was sponsored by the Committees on Health, Nutrition and Health Insurance and Laws and Rules respectively chaired by Councilors Malou Gaane and Edgar Cabanlas.


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