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Goking to meet with NTC, telecom companies

CITY COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and commerce, said he will soon call for a meeting with the National Telecommunications Commissions and other telecommunication companies and network servers.

This, noting the internet problems brought about by the onslaught of typhoon Odette.

Councilor Goking cited that this problem affected banking institutions. City residents have not been able to withdraw money from their accounts through ATM machines and over-the-counter transactions, he cited.

The councilor expressed concern that communications were totally cut off that even emergency calls could not be accommodated.

It is a big problem especially when it is a call to save a life, he pointed out.

The councilor said this should not happen again.


Meanwhile, Councilor Goking expresses his gratitude to business establishments in the city for their cooperation and help to residents during the typhoon.

He said that SEDA hotel and others gave discounts to clients who were stranded because of the calamity.

It was learned that superstores and malls allowed their parking spaces to be used for stranded vehicles during the flood. Some establishments also provided their dump trucks to transport passengers in areas not passable by light vehicles.

The councilor is also thanking all government agencies and the private sector for working together for the people in the city.

Awareness and preparedness play a big role during nature’s wrath, he added, as he expressed thankfulness that there was no casualty in the city during the calamity.

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