Goking says prices of meat products being checked

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and member of Cagayan de Oro Price Coordinating Council, said the reported increase in prices of pork meat prices was discussed during its recent meeting.

Based on the findings, the increase in live weight price of live pork is due to the increase in the prices of soya (imported from the USA, Canada and Argentina) and corn. Soya comprises 30-percent to 40-percent while corn comprises 50-percent to 60-percent of the feed formulation for hogs.

It was learned that the Department of Agriculture (DA) will issue a public advisory for information of the general consuming public regarding the matter. The DA 10 will also look into the reactivation of its soya bean production program which may help augment the required amount for feed formulation at a lower cost than imported soya.

The committee agreed to hold another meeting which will be conducted via zoom. The Normin Hogs Association, the city veterinarian, and CDO CPCC member offices will be invited to further discuss matters on de-population and other contributory factors leading to the increase of live weight.

Councilor Goking said this problem should be acted upon immediately as people are already suffering from the impact of the pandemic.