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Goking reminds taxpayers to settle their obligations before the deadline

Calls on business sector to take care of their employees

CITY COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on ways and means, said he hopes that the real property taxpayers were able to avail of the 20-percent discount for advance payment of taxes due.

This as he noted that businesses are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is urging those who have not paid to pay their taxes before the scheduled deadline to avoid penalties and surcharges.

Councilor Goking added that sustainability is very important during a crisis. “We need to plan, work together especially that the number of Covid 19 positive cases is now increasing, prevention is much better than cure,” he cited.


Meanwhile, the councilor is appealing to the business sector to take care of their employees as part of their social responsibility.

Among others, he said they can do this by providing affordable vitamins to them and their families even as the highly transmissible Covid variant is now circulating as pronounced by the Department of Health.

We need to boost our immune system as one way to protect our health. This variant is also a big threat to our economy. The IATF loosened the stage level of quarantine last December 2021 and that’s the time businesses were given the chance to recover.

He expressed concern that the health problem might again affect the economy.

People may again lose their jobs if not handled properly, he cited.

The councilor stressed the need to balance health and economic problems and called for cooperation among all sectors to address these.

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