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Goking commends Pryce Gases for assuring availability of oxygen tanks

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and commerce is commending Pryce Gases Inc. for assuring that stocks of medical oxygen tanks will always be available.

This, after Pryce Gases gave updates on its production capability regarding the supply of oxygen.

The committee convened to discuss in aid of legislation with the manufacturers/dealers/suppliers the production capability, production lead time, historical demand, and monitoring system to determine upsurge demand signifying either hoarding or increasing in cases that are unreported, and to determine

their concerns such as logistics related or availability of tanks and what support is needed

During the meeting, Atty. Marian Kana S. Motomull-Idulsa, representative of Pryce Gases, said the plant can produce/refill approximately 264 medical oxygen tanks daily subject to redelivery within the day as the need arises.

She assured that the company can produce up to 7,933 average monthly production of medical oxygen.

In Northern Mindanao alone the company has produced about 4,225-cylinder tanks in circulation, she added.

With this, Councilor Goking expressed gladness that Pryce Gases can supply oxygen tanks as available cylinders saying that this is a basic need for Covid-19 cases.


Atty. Idulsa said Pryce Gases Inc. is giving a special price for government hospitals at the rate of only P700 per cylinder refill.

Noting this, Allan S. Fernandez of City Administrator’s Office aired his appreciation to the company. He said the office conducted price monitoring last month and the price was P950.

“Dili na diay ta mag-worry at least makaboost sa moral especially to Kagay-anons labi na nga ga-increase ang cases karon,” he said as he expressed hopes that the company will maintain the price and sustain the availability of stocks.


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